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Civilian Arms LLC Ammunition, firearms, reloading

Civilian Arms LLC provides ammunition, ammo, and firearms for the outdoorsmen, hunting, targe shooting, plinking and all firearm accessories. Holsters, magazines, reloading supplies and much more. We currently work trade and gun shows as well as maintaining an online presence.  Also offering FFL inbound and outbound transfer services at reasonable prices.  Muzzleloader and reloading supplies are also available.  Bow hunting, Ravin.  Federal, Aguila, WInchester, Nobel Sport Italia, Defender, G2 Research, New Republic, Prvi Partizan (PPU), Ammo Inc., CCI Blazer, Armscor, Remington, Fort Scott, Underwood, Sterling, 30 and 50 Caliber ammo cans, ProMag, Smith & Wesson, Canik, Glock, Bersa, Military surplus and more.

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